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Dog bites and dog attacks are very disturbing and dangerous events. Nationally, there are more than 4 million dog bites per year and thousands of those require medical attention. Dog attacks can result in very serious injuries and disfigurements. Children are most often the victims in these attacks because of their size and their loud and excited behavior and movements.

Minnesota law provides for recovery for these attacks if ownership of the dog is established, the bite or attack is proven and there is a lack of provocation on the part of the victim. It is imperative that an investigation of facts be done immediately to rule out provocation. The insurance company will likely attempt to escape responsibility by claiming the victim somehow provoked the animal. If you find yourself in this situation, call Martin Montilino immediately.

Many victims are left with scarring and disfiguring injuries. It is very important to get immediate medical attention to treat the wounds and document the attack. Next, call Martin Montilino so the investigation can begin to determine ownership of the animal and to obtain witness statements and photographs of the injuries. Also, we will determine what insurance is available and to provide you with direction for the right kind of medical professionals for proper treatment and to establish the right kind of evidence. Most often, the recovery is based upon scarring and the emotional aftermath of such an attack. The dog owners Homeowners Insurance Coverage does apply to these claims and most recoveries come from that insurance.

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