Technologies That Can Prevent Accidental Hot Car Deaths

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. According to the Washington Post, since 1998, over 700 children have died in hot cars. These deaths are tragedies for everyone involved. The parents are often overworked, overtired, and simply forgot their children. While many on the outside looking in may wonder how on earth a parent could forget a child in the car, in many cases, children are forgotten because a parent changes a routine. While some parents have faced criminal charges for leaving their children in a hot car, the reality is that these deaths are often the result of an accidental breakdown of a parent’s thought process. Thinking he or she dropped the child off at day care or with a caretaker, the parent goes along with their ordinary day. If you have ever misplaced something or forgotten something crucial while multi-tasking, it is clear how easy it can be to forget. Lawmakers are fighting to put a new law in place that would require new cars to be equipped with technology that would alert parents if a child is left in the car. The cost of the technology is small compared to the benefits it could provide. […]

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iPhones Will Block Texting and Driving

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,477 people were killed and another 391,000 were injured by distracted driving in 2015. Among the risky distracted driving behaviors Americans engage in, texting and driving is among the most dangerous. The average time it takes to read a single text message is 5 seconds. If you are driving 55 miles per hour, that’s like driving the entire length of a football field without your eyes on the road. While many states have outlawed texting and driving, not all states have made the practice a primary offense. In recent months, some companies have been called out for not implementing tools on their devices to prevent texting and driving. Some companies have even been threatened with lawsuits that accused them of being aware of the dangers their products posed but continuing to do nothing about it. […]

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What Your Teen Driver Should Know About Car Accidents

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. The greatest risk to teen drivers is their inexperience. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, 1717 teen drivers were killed in car accidents and another 170,000 teens were injured. While getting a driver’s license is an important step in every teen’s life, parents should also be aware of the risk and liabilities they face should their teen get into an accident. For instance, if your minor teen is responsible for an accident, you, as a parent or guardian can be held legally liable for any damages caused. The Law Office of Martin T. Montilino is a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota who understands the unique challenges facing teen drivers. No parent wants to think about their teen getting into an accident, but a teen who is prepared may be able to better handle the situation. So, what should your teen know? Here are a few steps your teen driver should know to take if he or she gets into an accident. After all, according to traffic safety begins at home: […]

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Bike Lane Debate in Minneapolis—Do Lanes Lead to Fewer Accidents?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. When cities talk about putting in bike lanes, often the loudest critics are in the minority. The Star Tribune reported on a survey performed by Princeton University that found that 83 percent of Americans support increasing the numbers of bike lanes. The majority also support funding for these lanes, and maintaining them once they are put in. This support may be strong in the abstract, but the moment bike lanes are proposed in specific neighborhoods, residents may worry that these lanes will slow down traffic, lead to more crashes, or take away space from cars. Unfortunately, the critics who are most readily heard are often the loudest ones, leading to confusion about how bike lanes affect traffic and safety. […]

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Planning on Loaning Your Car to a Friend? In Minnesota, This Could be Trouble

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. Let’s say you loan your car to a friend and your friend gets into a serious accident. Most people are aware that their insurance will cover a friend for occasional use of a car, but many Minnesotans may not be aware that they could be responsible for any damage a friend causes that isn’t covered by insurance. This means that if your friend drinks and drives, or is negligent for another driver’s serious injuries, you could potentially be on the hook for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and other losses resulting from an accident you didn’t cause. […]

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Supreme Court Sides with Goodyear in a Personal Injury Dispute: What This Means for Future Cases

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. After a family was seriously injured when a tire failed, they sued the tire manufacturer. The family settled with the company, but later discovered that the company had failed to hand over testing data during the discovery process. The victims and family then sought $2.7 million from the company to reimburse them for their legal fees. According to the Star Tribune, the Supreme Court sided with the tire company, stating that attorney’s fees are limited to the company’s misconduct directly related to injuries incurred in the accident. The court found that the company’s failure to reveal the data could not be directly connected to every legal expense the family incurred. […]

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Supreme Court Rules Against GM: Puts no Limits on Ignition Switch Lawsuits

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. According to CNN, 2.6 million GM cars have been recalled, and at least 13 people have died due to GM’s faulty ignition switch. While GM takes responsibility for 13 deaths, the New York Times reports that the number may be much higher—at least 124 deaths. It’s a case of the worst in car manufacturer negligence. As early as 2001, car manufacturers may have been aware of the problem. In 2003, a GM service technician witnessed a car stall when other keys were in the ignition. Still, GM did nothing to correct the problem. The weight of the keys may have worn out the ignition switch. Over the years, GM continued to get reports of cars stalling when the keys were bumped or moved accidentally, something which can happen easily while driving. In 2006, GM proposed making design changes, but the proposal failed to result in action. The company later heard of airbag deployment failures due to ignition switch problems. By 2014, regulators were investigating GM to determine whether it responded in a timely manner to the ignition switch failure. […]

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Can I Be Sued for Helping at the Scene of an Accident?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. Under Minnesota’s “Good Samaritan Law” individuals are protected if they render aid at the scene of an accident. If you’ve witnessed an accident or were involved in an accident, under Minnesota law, you may have a “duty to assist.” This means, that if you can help, and you don’t help, you could be in violation of the law. In general, if a person renders aid without the expectation of compensation, they are usually protected from liability for their actions. However, if a person acts recklessly while rendering aid, he or she could be held liable. If you’ve been in an accident and see that someone has been injured, you should always help. However, you may want to do so intelligently. For instance, if you are not trained in first-aid, call 911 and ask the operator for instructions. Operators are trained to guide you if you are at the scene of an accident. […]

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Motorcycle Safety for New Riders

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. With spring upon us, avid motorcyclists are looking forward to riding again. New riders may also be thinking of taking up a new hobby. While motorcyclists are among the safest motorists on the road, riding comes with risk. New riders, in particular, should take measures to protect their safety as they hit the road. […]

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How Risky are Trampoline Parks?

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota. According to the Star Tribune, a Minnesota man who was paralyzed at a trampoline park recently settled for $3 million with the park. The man injured his neck when he jumped into a foam pit at the park, landing on his neck. Though he had signed a liability waiver, he and his lawyers contended that the park was grossly negligent for his injuries. […]

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